Are you thinking of moving to Nashville, but holding back because you don’t know much about the schools? Here’s a quick introduction for you, covering the three biggest things you need to know about the schools here. You’re gonna like what you see.

Transportation Is Good, In Most Places

Unless you’re a mile or two away from campus, there will always be a bus or van that will pick up and drop off your child from school. To save on budget (and get kids out/moving around) anyone living within a few miles is encouraged to walk. Worry not though, there are crossing guards at every major intersection on the routes.

Your Child Will Get A Good Education In Public Or Private School

Nashville sits in the upper ranks of the country in quality of education for both their public and private sectors. The K-12 curriculum covers everything necessary to ensure the proper development for your child, and eventual preparation for college. Nashville citizens score well on standardized testing as well, when compared to their contemporaries across the state and country.

The Students Are Kind And Tame, By Comparison

Turning on the news is enough to make any parent start thinking about homeschooling. The stories about bullying, cheating, and attacks makes school seem more like a prison for hoodlums and harlots. Nashville has largely stayed out of the way of this epidemic though. It might just be southern hospitality sticking around; but most students don’t have serious discipline problems. School feels more like a community event still, instead of a place to send your kids away to for a few hours per day.

If you’re thinking of moving to Nashville, then the school system won’t be something that holds you back. In fact, the school system is usually used as one of the main selling points for families to come move to the city. Nashville is always ready and willing to welcome a great new family. You could be next!